Urbanism Week 2012

On Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September, Polis Platform for Urbanism organizes the symposium ‘Second hand cities – re-thinking practice in times of standstill’ at the architecture faculty of Delft University of Technology. Wouter Vanstiphout will be one of the speakers, among Joan Busquets, Henk Ovink, Frits van Dongen and many others.

The symposium is part of the urbanism week, a five-day series of activities in which Polis aims to form a platform for dialogue and discussion. The purpose of this years edition, is to get a better understanding of the situation that has crippled the world of urbanism & architecture, and by doing so, learn new ways of approaching urban issues that are more suitable to the socio-economic changes the world is currently experiencing.

Tickets are now for sale for both students (20 euro) and professionals (180 euro). Don’t miss it!