Democracy, Architecture and the City

Only offered from September 2012 - June 2013

course code: AR3EX120

In September 2012, we started the design studio: We The People: Democracy, Architecture and the City’ for master students from the tracks Urbanism and Architecture at Delft University of Technology.

The studio responds to the emergence of movements for more democracy all over the world, and for the right to choose and build your own environment. At the same time we recognized that architects and planners are making themselves dependent on multinational corporations and all-spectrum governments, undemocratic and democratic. Reacting on these developments we raise the question: who are you designing for? For the developer? For the Government? Or for the people?

In this graduation studio we want the students to look for ways in which design can give people the power over their environment.  Does that happen through participation? Through autarkic self-determination, through gaming and social media? Or through timeless classic representative democracy where you delegate your decisions by means of voting to professional politicians?

Participating students: