From threat to growth

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Project Summary
This graduation project begins with a description of the social, political and natural phenomena related with the human settlements at the slopes of Galeras Volcano. Subsequently, a state-of-the-art is provided in order to understand the relevance of addressing the underlying conflict at this moment of time, from a regional planning perspective. Based on this preliminary analysis, a hypothesis regarding regional development as a risk management strategy for the community at the Galeras region is provided. From this hypothesis, the general approach of this Master’s thesis is outlined by integrating concepts of participation, risk management, regional planning and urban design.

The regional strategy compresses several urban and regional projects at lower scales. These provide both safety in case of volcanic eruptions, and growth opportunities for the urban communities settled on this territory. Furthermore, one detailed project has been chosen to evaluate the effectiveness of the regional development strategy: The proposal of a piecemeal growth strategy for the village of Genoy as an alternative to the human resettlement policy proposed by the government (part the emergency measures outlined in 2003).