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Project Summary
De Stadsfabriek is the catalyst of the renewing process of post-war social housing neighbourhoods in the Netherlands.  Politics, housing corporations and the people do not agree on the current system. People are repressing on a small scale against the hierarchical, bureaucratic ways of governance and organization. The result is that there’s an unbalance between the 3 stakeholders of the social housing system.

The architectural solution and support to this, is De Stadsfabriek, where the transformation will start by and for the current and future dwellers of, in this case, het Oude Westen in Rotterdam. De Stadsfabriek serves a platform where people can meet and create, where they are surrounded with examples of transformation for their own house, street and neighbourhood.Therefore the building represents all of them, all the cultures, the shared history, all the initiatives of the community – all is gathered in the façade – the neighbourhood as a union.