Wouter Vanstiphout at Architectenweb Magazine

The Dutch architectural magazine AWM (architectenweb magazine) has today published their latest edition. This time containing a 6-page interview with Wouter Vanstiphout on the confusing roleplay of urban design, “process” as an export product and how riots reveal something of the city that the city would rather keep hidden.

The article gives a nice summary of what is shown in the DasP exhibition, but also reveals a glimpse of what can be expected of the –soon to be published- book Are we the world? (Date will be announced a.s.a.p.)

For those struggling with our weird Dutch language (and those who don’t): Toposmagazine also published a review of the 5th IABR with a significant part about our exhibition. Check it out.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Saturday and runs until the 7th of July.